Audio Services

Professional audio mixing, mastering, production and editing at an affordable price

Mix & Mastering

from £40

Munk Sounds mixing and mastering suite has a collection of professional outboard gear - as well as the latest digital plugins. We can even master to tape with our vintage 70s tape machine!


Mixing is taking all of your recorded parts and combining them into a stereo track.

Mastering takes that stereo track and enhances it to play at the right volume as well as sound great on any playback device.


from £125

Producing is so much more than simply adding instrumentation. We work closely with artists to bring a song to life from demo to finished release, making it the best it can be whatever your budget!


We craft music that's just right for you, specialising in full band productions for singer-songwriters.


from £30

Podcasters can advantage of our podcast editing service - we take your raw audio files, balance audio levels, edit the content to remove silences, unwanted sounds, add your music and send you back an episode!


Using the latest industry-standard equipment and software, we can restore audio quality and remove unwanted noise, as well as timing or pitch correction for vocals, bass, drums or anything else.

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