Mobile Recording - The Studio Comes To You

Munk Sounds Mobile brings the recording studio to you, literally anywhere!


You might want to capture the feel of a live show by recording in your local venue. You may have a favourite rehearsal location and feel like you'd benefit from recording in a familiar setting.


Top quality, industry-standard equipment and microphones will be set up in the comfort of your own home or rehearsal space, allowing for a bespoke, flexible approach that still yields studio-quality recordings for less than half the price of a day's recording at a commercial studio.

There's nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable or pressured in the recording studio. A strange environment, surrounded by extra people and equipment can make for more pressure than is ideal for the creative and recording process.


Munk Sounds Mobile solves this problem by capturing a live recording in a location and atmosphere of your choice.  We help you relax so you can perform your best and record your sound exactly as you want it.

Whatever you need recording and wherever you want to record it, Munk Sounds Mobile has you covered. We are passionate professionals who want to help you sound your best, save time, save money, and get you the sonic results you deserve.


Whether it is a solo or duo performance, a full band, a choir or even an orchestral ensemble, Munk Sounds Mobile will capture the ambience and essence of your performance in the surroundings of your choice.

    Why use a Mobile Recording Service instead of a "real" recording studio?   

Affordable:  A professional recording studio can be very expensive, as they have heating, lighting and air-conditioning as well as console maintenance costs. Munk Sounds Mobile has none of these overheads and can pass the savings on to you!

We pride ourselves in maintaining day rates at less than half the price of commercial studios while still providing studio-quality recordings.


Convenience:  Recording in the comfort of your own home or rehearsal space means you can feel comfortable, under no pressure and can perform better - resulting in better recordings!

It can be difficult to find a commercial recording studio with availability at the same time as you and all your bandmates. Munk Sounds Mobile recording can mitigate this issue by simply setting up at your regular rehearsal and recording on your schedule!


Quality:  Recording quality is of the utmost importance, so we make sure to use top-quality professional audio equipment. With microphones ranging from recording industry standards like the Shure SM7B & the ubiqitous SM57, studio classics like the Sennheiser MD-441 and some modern masterpieces from Lewitt & Sontronics, paired with our preamp collection containing Focusrites, Rupert Neve Designs, Phoenix Audio and AEA, we can get studio-quality sounds anywhere.

We also provide all the headphones, cabling and DI boxes you'll need, so you don't need to worry about anything except your instruments!


Time:  You'll have your recorded tracks as soon as the session is done! While we pack away our gear, whatever has been recorded will be properly consolidated and exported for you to use however you want.

We also offer a mixing and mastering service, with a guaranteed turnaround time of one week from recording for a nominal fee.

Mobile Recording Rates

  • Mobile Recording Session:                                                  £120/day
  • Mobile Recording plus 1 song mix & master:                  £175/day                                          
  • Additional mix & master:                                                     £55/track*
  • Mobile Recording Session with Video:                             £240/day
  • Mobile Recording with synced video, mix & master:   £POA
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