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Pricing Guideline

We almost always charge for our services on a per-project basis, instead of by the hour.

We prefer working this way, as it ensures that you'll always get a finished product at a price that suits you. Get in touch for a quote!


However, below is a very rough guideline to what your project might cost with us.

All prices are estimates based on one track and a seven-day turnaround. Block booking our time is the most cost effective for you. The more we do together, the cheaper it gets!

 Mixing and Mastering

Mix up to 24-track session:  £45

Mix over 24-track session:  £85


In-The-Box Master: £30/song

Fully analogue Master: £50/song:

Tape Master: £60/song +£20/reel


  • Session bass:                                                        £60/session
  • Re-amping:                                                             £20/discrete track
  • Acoustic guitar/vocal recording session:      £60/day
  • Mobile/Location recording session:               £120/day
  • Full production service:                                      £195/song+
  • Jingles/Radio ads:                                                £POA                     


  • Drum edits up to 8 discrete tracks:   £15/song*
  • Drum edits over  8 discrete tracks:    £15/minute of audio*
  • Vocal tuning and timing:                        £40/track
  • Audio restoration:                                    £60/minute of audio

        One revision included in price*


* Further revisions/recalls are charged at £20/hr

+ Does not include session musician fees

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