Mobile Recording

  • Want to record your song, EP or album?
  • Need professional mics and preamps?
  • Want studio-quality sound in your own home?
  • Need to save money on studio time?


Munk Sounds Mobile Recording Studio is the solution! A studio comes to you with all the top-notch equipment you could wish for. Passionate professionals with over 10 years of experience means you'll sound your best!



Mixing & Mastering

  • Need a song mixed?
  • Want an album mixed?
  • Need a live show recording improved?
  • Want fully analogue mastering?


Munk Sounds has you covered. We have a hybrid mixing suite with a collection of professional outboard gear and the latest digital plugins.

We can even master to tape with our vintage 70s tape machine!




  • Written a song but don't play anything?
  • Singer/songwriter without a band?
  • Need a radio ad or a jingle?
  • Want professional voiceovers?
  • Need someone to take your demo to the next level?

If you want to make music, we're here for you. Whether you want a riffing rock monster, a beat to rap over or even a jingle for your company's radio ad, we can craft music that's just right for you whatever your budget.

Even if you have no idea where to start with bass parts and drum patterns, we have a full production service, where we take your demo and turn it into a finished song with full instrumentation.



Editing & Other

  • Drums and bass not quite in the pocket?
  • Unwanted noise on your audio track?
  • DI guitar part just not sounding right?
  • Vocalist recorded a great performance that's just a little off-pitch?

Munk Sounds can help with all this and much more. Using the latest industry-standard equipment and software, we can restore audio and remove unwanted noise as well as time and pitch correction for drums, bass, vocals or just about anything you might need.



About Us

Munk Sounds

Owned and operated by Dave Le Sange.

Munk Sounds is a work-for-hire company.

That means that you own 100% of the copyright to your music, whichever of our services you've used.

We just ask that you credit us properly wherever your music appears.

We generally charge for our services on a per-project basis, not by the hour,
which means we can always get the job done for a price that suits your budget.


Dave Le Sange

Dave Le Sange is a professional touring bassist and sound engineer, who has worked with Jan Akkerman, free-jazz legend Gilad Atzmon and Monty Python's Neil Innes, among many others.

A fifteen-year veteran of the bass guitar, Dave made the move from live sound to studio engineering in 2015 and hasn't looked back. He also hates talking about himself in the third person.

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